SOOBAY by Haroon Rashid


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All these corrupt politicians are shining their own politics by using different useless issues and want to complete their duration of five years of government as they know very well that they will not going to come back into power again in the upcoming elections and that is very well known that none of them is sincere with the country or the people of the country they are here only to make money as much as possible and enjoy power as long as they can ..........


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The provinces at hand are not being properly handled and these shameless politicians are talking of further dividing the country ; yes due rights must be given to all the provinces and specially to those parts of a province that require more attention ; no question about that . Bhutto divided the country I remember that as a child , today his son in law wants to repeat history ; then he (zardar) should prepare for being hanged , only this time in open public so these rotten generations of politicians and their kids who are dreaming of being the future forebearers of high offices should learn an un-forgeetable lesson . May the wrath of GOD be upon them , Aamin .


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Test tube Shahbaz Sharif just barking to save his vote bank and trying to divert people towards other issues to complete 5 years.
He probably would've called Qaim Ali Shah and told him first hand yeh drama zara zyada hojaye to siraiki province wala masla hal hojayega
Shahbaz Sharif is only good with bureaucrats and Punjab's elite class, he has nothing to do with awam.