Self defense in Islam and current situation of Karachi


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Pakistanis living abroad are very much worried about the safety of their love ones living in Karachi. Police and rangers are unable to create a safe Karachi where anyone can move without fear of losing his life. It started with target killings in Karachi, mostly fighting among different gangs. The common man, not belonging to any political party or gang, was not worried too much. But now a common man can not travel to work without fear of losing his life as now a common man is being targeted.

In such situation should common person equip himself with licensed weapon to defend him and his family? without creating more violence?

Protecting oneself and one’s honour, mind, wealth and religion is a well-established basic principle in Islam. These are the five essentials which are well known to Muslims. A person has to defend himself; it is not permissible for him to consume that which will harm him, and it is not permissible for him to allow anyone to harm him. If a person or a vicious animal etc attacks him, he has to defend himself, or his family or his property, and if he is killed he is counted as a shaheed (martyr), and the killer will be in Hell.
If the harm that will result from this aggression is little and he gives up defending himself for the sake of Allaah, then undoubtedly Allah will compensate him for that, so long as this does not cause any increase in the wrongdoing against him or anyone else
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