Sawal ye Hai - 19th June 2011 - Zafa Ilahi - Iran, China & Saudi Arabia are the Best Friends Of Pak


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Thanks dr. danish nice show.If I or someone else show their suspicion about the wrong doing of our agencies that does not mean ,we dont love our military establishment but at the same time ,they should take it as casual because its happening all over the world and our establishment should have some patience to listen these kinds of things .when a journalist is killed who had already shown concern of his life from the agencies then people and media show their suspicion towards them so the best thing is to have an enquiry to clear the matter. At the same time , what Rana Sanaullah said about Baber Awan is absolutely wrong, in politics no one should give or say anything about someone's life, I like to condemn it .The alliance between pak,china and Iran is possible but Saudi and US wont like us to go with Iran because of their bickering with Iran but pak should try to keep good relations with all its neighbours including India and afghanistan.Insha Allah pak will get out of this turmoil with the time as long govt try to be sincere and serious with the nation which they dont seem ? The funding of madrassas from Saudia and UAE should be stopped because there are some reports of not properly used, someone should look into this matter.
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