Reporter - 2nd june 2011 - Special Programe With Pak Army From Mohmand Agency


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Athar Abbas Insan ki shakal main shetan hai.... jhoto ka sardaar..

poray sarkari tour pay es jahil repoter ko serf buzrug log milay ya masoom bachay jawan koe nahi mila esko?

army k logo ko shalwar kameez pehna k interview dilwaya gea hai rati rataee batyin ..

ISPR ka yeh show Flop hogea ..

10 sala mukammal nakami k bad ek bar phir Afghan Talban ko badnam karny ki akhri koshishin media nay shoro kardi hain...


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If they would have to secure the area like they were showing on media. Army guys securing the media personal then what difference it made after the operation? it shows the area is still dangerous.
And "wanted " you will take another year before you will start believeing that all these so called terrorist talibans are the same. So just wait cause if so much is infront of you and still you cant believe then wait for another year of terrorist attacks.