1. iSupportPTI

    What will be the next slogan after Go Nawaz Go success

    PTI Needs a new slogan after Go Nawaz Go Success for detail visit
  2. D

    Siraj ul Haq agrees Maryam Nawaz is politically immature

    Ameer Siraj ul Haq agrees to Shahzeb Khanzada that Maryam Nawaz is politically immature. However, Maryam makes a surprise appearance yet Siraj comes over her: 2394817714077785
  3. N

    26 Field Regiment Artillery great demonstration of their abilities

  4. J

    نوازشریف کی نازک نس پر ہاتھ آگیا

  5. Dr ali ahmad

    Pakistan Corrupt System In Catharsis

    Pakistan political scenario gives a picture of a mixture of corruption, money laundering, land mafia, and so on. The political side is in favour of status quo, whilst the military wing seems militarily determined in giving a complete wash out to the bad elements. The two heroes, Asif Ali...
  6. omerkashmiri

    Mumkin aur Namumkin---------Haroon ul rasheed

  7. Front Line

    Front Line - 7th September 2011 - PAF Academy Risalpur

  8. ealtaf

    Story of 1965 Indo - Pak War by Zaid Hamid
  9. mdanishtaha

    Quran Pak is hand-written nearly 400 years ago

    400 Years old Hand Written HOLY QURAN PAK [/COLOR][/URL][/B][/IMG] This Quran is hand-written by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb (RA) nearly 400 years ago (During 1636-44 & 1653-58). It is 13.5 kg in weight, 39.5 CM long and 20 CM wide. It has Golden and silver colored graving. Every page has a...
  10. A

    We are all proud of you ! Pakistan Army Zinda Bad

  11. Cross Fire

    CrossFire - 5th September 2011 - Special Program with Families of Martyrs of Pak Army

  12. student

    Pakistan should be based on pure foundation of Islamic social-Ism not anyother Ism: Our Quaid( SAFMA!
  13. salmakh84

    Pak Suzuki might move its assembly plant out of Pakistan

    Pak Suzuki might move its assembly plant out of PakistanBy Baber Khan (ToofaneBatameezi) on September 5, 2011 Electricity crisis didnt seem to improve and it was essential for the industries to run, but priorities of many managers and owners of industries located in Karachi shifted towards the...
  14. H

    moral standard of pak army's officer. "best cadet" caught making nude video in australia.

  15. A

    Pak's ISI tried sex-blackmail of judges'

    Some of Pakistan's Supreme Court judges and their children were secretly filmed in compromising positions as part of a dirty tricks campaign waged by the country's feared military intelligence, a leading daily claimed on Sunday. Videos were sent out to at least three of the 11 judges in...
  16. News Night With Talat

    News Night with Talat - 1st September 2011 - Special Programe From London - Problems of Pak Students

  17. Arslan

    Pak Indoustan [Eid Special Play] By Ary Digital - 31st August 2011

  18. Muhammad Ikhlaq Siddiqui

    Ahmed Faraz on Pak Army!!!!
  19. umairel

    Pak doctor given seven-year sentence for sex offences - Women must Beware of such doctors

    LONDON: A Sindhi nationalist activist and family doctor who abused his position to sexually assault five female patients while pretending to carry out medical examinations has been jailed for seven years. Dr Haleem Bhatti has been active in London as the foremost leader of the World Sindhi...
  20. Geek

    Almost new cars labelled "Khatara" - More Corruption by Pak Politicians