Qazi allowed Sikander Mohmand to humiliate Justice Ayesha Malik.


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Who is pleading EC?
Qazi Essa doing very hectic job.
He is mad to get illegal extension.
Ideally this stupid Qazi should not be part of benches against Imran Khan cases.
What to do Lawyers of PTI refused to listen IK , instructions to put forward an application for “ No confidence on filthiest Qazi”
Same was done by Ali Zafar who lost PTI symbol a basic right of any party?
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Qazi was 1 Judge sitting on a Larger Bench of several Judges. Grow some brains if you are blaming one Judge that he allowed something.

You are followers of the Biggest Bully ever to emerge in Pakistan's political landscape. The damage to your brain is a loss to this nation.