Public should be outraged


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
According to the News today 7 people have died in the Mayhem caused by the strike called by PPP after the NAB Chairmans appointment was ruled unlawful by Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The strike was called by the Leaders of PPP like Taj Haider, Shregil and off course Zulfiqar Mirza. In the light of the fact that people get killed and damage done to the Private and Public properties due to calls for this strike, in my opinion these named leaders and the PPP leadership as a whole should be charged for the murders and damage to the properties.

It is Governments responsibility to govern the country with rule of Law and not with Law of the Jungle. PPP has abandoned their responsibilities and should be held responsible and punished.

I am so saddened that human blood is becoming so cheap in Pakistan. First of all, enemies of Pakistan, the terrorists, CIA agents, the CIA operatives let in by the traitor Rehman Malik, are killing Pakistanis every day. From time to time, MQM and ANP get on the act, and start killing people in Karachi, just to show their power and so called mandate. Now PPP is adopting the same tactics.

Innocent civilians are the victims of these killers and terrorists. The Public in Pakistan is sanitised by the media and the Government, purposefully. Now the people of Pakistan accept these killings without muttering a word. There should be outrage in Pakistan every day, but I hear nothing, even the talk shows take irrelevant issues on board every day. Like murder of scores of Pakistanis every day is another day at the office for them.

Similarly, the corrupt and disgusting Government of PPP doesnt say a word, no questions asked from those who are responsible for law and order, the Interior Minister Rehman Malik doesnt worry at all. He is more concerned looking after the demands of MQM so the Government of PPP stays in power. We can see very clearly what the priorities of PPP and its partners MQM and ANP are, public should be outraged, but they are not.

MQM and ANP bears the responsibilities equally, they are in power with PPP, they are keeping the corrupt PPP in power by providing it support. They can not absolve themselves from the responsibilities they certainly bear.

Please comment and spread the message, you have to mobilise the people, there is no other option, these criminals killers in the Government wouldnt care a bit. It is your country; you are the Guardian of it, Please Pakistan wake up, kick these corrupt killers out. Out of the Government and out of the Country, reclaim your country.