Preparations Started to Limit THe Powers of Judiciary | The Judiciary Cannot Be Curbed


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Altaf Lutfi

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European socities have been through this all in last 300 years where kings tricked time and again to avoid accountability, even Popes tried to circumvent the tide of righteousness but it all failed. Every attempted plan invited more unity among people and in the end un-natural powers of rulers and Popes, unbalanced system of governance and unleashed brutality gave way to reason and logic, truth won the last round. In new times, speed of change is promising and every foolish act by so called democratic Parliamentarians nears the end of their dirty game. The ghost of our feudal past is helplessly making its last attempts before burial.Parliament will go to any idiotic length and SC will use the right to uphold the law above all. The only matter interesting to see will be whether army intervenes first or people call the first shot. A brief 3 months period of inquisition is enough to cleanse the system.