Policy Matters -11th May 2010 -Arrestment of Faisal Shahzad, What are real facts?


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Hilory Clinton,Richard Halbrook and VP Joseph Biden have jewish background but their attitude towards pakistan is excellent. president OBAMA is very sincere and really wants to help pakistan,no doubt about it but there are some black sheeps in CIA and MOSSAD who keep an eye on pakistan,as soon the friendly relations between pak and US or pak and india start getting better ,they come into action and do some kind of conspiracy that the relations with those countries goes off the track and pakistan is labelled for terrorism.I can give benefit of doubt to Hilory,she might not know the conspiracy of faisal shahzad but she used very tough language for its ally pakistan ,which everyone here took it very offensive.Every country have the right to safe guard its border from the dangerous situation but US should know the reality-what they are doing in afghanistan and iraq is right or wrong,definately wrong.If there is any reaction to it then they should not be surprised. If faisal shahzad is really involved in that bombing plot ,he should be punished very severely but if there is a conspiracy by cia or mossad ,which i believe 100%-it should be exposed.US have no right to blackmail any country or its citizens which they have nothing to do with that.US drones attacks have killed 700 people ,out of that only 3 militants were killed.I have question for the US admin,deep inside your heart do you believe it is right? You are killing our innocent muslim brothers like animals .Blackwater contractors came and created havoc in pakistan ,also in iraq and afghanistan.US have to think again their policies about the muslim world .They were not terrorists but you made them just to justify the policies of israel.Just make a peace deal in the middle east and get rid of the problem in the world.I have said that before and say it again why israel dont solve the palestenians problem so israelis and muslims can live in peace all over the world.Pakistan and muslim world is ready to accept israel if it solve the palestenians problem but i have my doubts about it because the current israeli PM is not serious about peace with the palestenians.US should talk about the root cause of the problem but no one come on this because of jewish influence.US,democrats are always sincere in making the peace deal,i hope President OBAMA will do this job since he already got a noble peace prize ,he should press for peace in the middle east.
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