Pak Politicians Move Musharraf and the Military, Not Against Terrorists


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Haq's Musings: Pakistan Consensus Against Musharraf But Not Against Terrorists

Pakistani politicians, judges and media appear to be unified in their support of trying former President Musharraf for treason under article 6 of Pakistan's constitution. Unfortunately, no such consensus exists to act against the murderous monster of terrorism which has its head in North Waziristan with its tentacles spread across the country. This raises several questions:

1. Do the politicians, judges and media in Pakistan see Musharraf and the military as a bigger threat than the Taliban terrorists and their sectarian allies attacking all institutions of the state and slaughtering innocent Pakistani citizens on a daily basis?

2. Can the monster of terrorism be contained by attempting to sever just a few of its tentacles here and there while leaving its head alone to thrive in North Waziristan and grow more tentacles to continue their campaign of murder and mayhem in all parts of Pakistan?

3. Does Pakistan really have sovereignty over FATA, particularly North Waziristan from where the TTP leadership regularly mocks the state institutions of Pakistan and flouts its laws and constitution?

4. If Pakistan is failing to assert its sovereignty in FATA, is it justified in claiming that the American drones are violating it?

5. Is it more important for the politicians, judges and journalists to settle scores with Musharraf and the military than to improve civil-military relations to unify the nation against the common enemy, the terrorists, attacking all of them?

6. Is the total lack of action by the Pakistani state to protect its citizens an indication of Pakistan fast becoming a failed state?

7. Do the politicians and the judges not realize that they risk looking impotent and ineffective in the eyes of the world by failing to protect the people of Pakistan from internal and external aggression? Are they not becoming the laughing stock of the world?

8. Do Pakistani politicians, judges and journalists want international investors, tourists and cricketers to return to Pakistan?

9. Can Pakistani economy recover without tackling the growing violence perpetrated by well-armed and well-trained terrorists who challenge the legitimacy of Pakistani state from their headquarters in North Waziristan?

10. Have Pakistani politicians advocating peace talk with the Taliban learned anything from ANP's experience of surrendering Swat to the terrorists in 2009? Do they remember how the reign of terror unleashed by the Taliban after the ANP agreed on their demand to establish "Niazm-e-Adl" in Swat? Have they forgotten what the Taliban did to ANP leadership in the last few years?

A wise person learns from others' mistakes, an average person from his or her own mistakes and a fool learns from no one's mistakes. What the Pakistani leaders do now will determine who they are: wise, average or stupid!

Haq's Musings: Pakistan Consensus Against Musharraf But Not Against Terrorists

Please watch the following video dealing with the above questions:

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many years I have been thinking why a person wants to be suicide bomber/TTP, here are some points and maybe eliminate this unfortunate phenomenon but still not justifiable by a musalman:

1) Poverty: all of us should start paying zakaat, open soup/lunch/dinner kitchens, do stuff like EDHI saheb.
2) establishing an institution for allims that get admission after high school, trained them with real quran and hadees: then in 2 years when they are ready they should preach the correct message, correct concepts to all these deehaats.They should severly emphasize numaaz 5 times a day to be away from shaitaan and other brain washing foreign elements etc.
3) Pakistani Police and army should arrest, identify all men who have nothing to do, offer them army job, if they cant find the job, best place to nurture a jaahil mind is get them busy.
4) Identify severe depression in our dehaats, by sending Psychologist and Psychiatrist teams and treat them with counselling and antidepressant medication, this could cost zero money if make all medical graduates to compulsary serve rural areas atleast 1 year for service to their country as they get subsidized medical training so in return 1 year svc to their muslamaan brothers allahtallh will give sawaab inshallah.

These are the 4 points can prevent these suicide members to become one, by eliminating poverty, hunger, getting them army jobs the least, taking care of their mental health and VERY impostant sending the right highly trained aalim instead of a confused everey day mullah to deliver them the right message of islam. Thanks for your time, Jazakallh.
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