Nusrat Javed Response On Hanif Abbasi's Case Verdict


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yeh bay Ghairat bolna kiya chah raha hai key hanif abassi koi chota mota naheen balkey kilos mein deal karney wala banda hai?


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What the hell is he talking? what else is Hanif Abbasi other than a drug seller? And if this journalist doesn't know I will advise him to visit any school and he will find some kids using ICE "drug". ICE is made and introduce by Hanif Abbasi in 2011, it is made from Ephedrine and it is the same drug that he tried to smuggle in western countries who caught and brought into the knowledge of Pakistani Narcotics forces. But due to being in power and with a group of criminals his case was put aside. Shahbaz Sharif was his partner in this crime, and they should be charged for murdering many in country from this drug.


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نصرت صاحب کو موسی گیلانی کی فکر کھایے جا رہی ہے - کہ اب اسکی سزا تو پکی ہے اور یہی سوچ کر نصرت صاحب کا دماغ کام کرنا بند کر چکا ہے ــ
یہ وہ بوڑھے اور ناکا رہ تجزیہ نگار ہیں جو چاہتے ہیں دنیا بھر کے صحت کے اداروں کی راے کی بجاۓ صرف انکی راے کو مانا جاۓ - کل کو یہ ہیروئین کو نشہ سے باہر نکال دیں گے اگر زرداری اس کاروبار میں ملوث پایا گیا ــــ