Nawaz Sharif UN Assembly Address... Lets join for Protest 26 September,2014 (Admin Dont Merge or Del

Shameel Khan

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"Nawaz Sharif will leave for the United States on September 24 to attend a United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) session, which he will address on September 26".

All the people in USA please join in to protest infront of UN on the 26th of September against this fake person whom noone of us recognizes as our PM. Let the whole world realize the fact that the Pakistani nation everywhere in the world is behind the cause of Imran Khan and against the mafias of Sharifs n Bhuttos n Altafs. Lets add passion to the GoNawazGo movement in US as well.

We can share the details about the protest plan here as well.


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That is a good opportunity to hide his PM chair:) Make him Junaijo!!!! May be we can stop all flights from US to Pakistan. We need to come up with some ideas:)


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Lets do more protest :)



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i ll be there too with another play card that usa must stop supporting corrupt & forge govt. of pakistan


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Guys develop play cards:

(1) Pak PM is product of a Rigged Election
(2) Nawaz Sharif is the most corruption politician of Pakistan
(3) Nawaz Sharif is Bank Defalter
(4) Nawaz Sharif has his 84 Family Members in Top Ministries and Government Offices
(5) Nawaz Sharif is turning the Pakistan in to Monarchy
(7) Nawaz Sharif is misusing his power to corruption
(8) Nawaz Sharif hide his wealth to avoid tax
etc. etc.


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Also please gather in front of the Airport on 25th September and crate awareness as much as we can.
I have started awareness campaign already, please join me at all Asian dominated areas, restaurants, public parks, etc.
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