Nadeem Malik Live - 11th April 2016 - Investigation Of Panama Leaks


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Shameless "darabri" defending his master...but has no leg to stand on.
These darbariz will keep arguing and trying their best to distract public.
I am very hopeful that the opposition (PPP + PTI and all other parties) will join hands to pressurize the Government to perform an unbiased investigation...In sha Allah!


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Noora brown noser, trying,trying to defend the undefendable. Shameless people start opening their mouth with the name of god.
Nothing is hidden,time has matured the illegal child of corruption has given birth on the screens of the world, no one can deny these illegal OFSHORE off springs , the of springs speak volumes on the TVs screens. The onus is on the poor prime minister to defend his illegitimate OFSHORE OFSPRINGS. He is the father he should deny or accept parentage of these these assets without questioning others illegitimate ofsprings
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