Mubashar Luqman exposed Siraj ul Haq - Lies & lies

Afaq Chaudhry

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Re: مبشر لقمان کی منافقت

Abay yeh tkhor ke hai hamare andar jo soowar ki aulad hai jaise ke munawar us ke bare main bakwas kar na us ko phansi pe latkao
Lagta hai un sub manhoosoon main aik khopri Teri hai,jo abhi tak sulagh rahi hai un dheshat gardoon ke sath!


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ML is a dog and nothing else. I can show many pictures of army top leadership standing with Taliban leaders. Just today hameed gul was invited in kharra such by ML who still appreciate Afghan Taliban.

I think we all made mistakes in past but this time is move on and focus on new realities.


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Re: مبشر لقمان کی منافقت


You are 10000% Right. I don't know why Anchors interview this Butcher?