MQM formed Muhajir Liberation Army to prepare force against Pakistan :-MQM's Umair Siddique confessi


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حیرت ہے کہ ابھی تک اس جماعت کے دھشتگرد پارلیمنٹ میں بیٹھے ہیں

اس دھشتگرد ملک دشمن جماعت پر فورا' پابندی عائد کی جاَئے،

برطانیہ پاکستانیوں کے جزبات اور احساسات سے کھیلنا فورا بند کردے۔ اور الطاف حسین کے خلاف تحقیقات میں فورا' پیش رفت کرے اور پاکستانی اداروں کے ساتھ مکمل تعاون کرے

حیرت اس بات پر بھی ہے کہ برطانوی باشندے اپنے ٹیکس کی کماَی سے اس دھشتگرد الطاف حسین کو پلتا پھولتا دیکھ رہے ہیں۔

Pakistan 1st

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جے آئی ٹی ایک ایسی دستاویز ہے جسے صرف میڈیا پر شہرت ملتی ہے جبکہ عدالت میں یہ سیدھی ردی کی ٹوکری میں جاتی ہے

Why are these JIT's just a piece of trash .. see below


Baldia factory fire: Dissident MQM leader Anees Qaimkhani's name not present in fresh JIT report

Last Updated On 05 March,2016 01:30 pm

The JIT earlier had recommended trials of the criminals in accordance with the terror laws

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Local court has adjourned hearing of Baldia factory fire case until March 22 while a fresh report of the joint investigation team (JIT) does not bear Anees Qaimkhanis name, Dunya News reported Saturday.
A fresh Joint Investigation Teams (JIT) report was presented in the court which does not include Anees Qaimkhani’s name.
Investigation officer requested the court to register a new case in light of the fresh JIT report. The report nominates eight criminals including Hammad Siddique, Abdul Rehman Bhola and Umer. The court ordered presentation of the previous JIT report.
However, the investigation officer told the court that the report is with the Home Department. The officer further said that they are waiting for Home Department’s instructions over registration of a new case.
The court reprimanded the investigation officer for not arresting Mansoor Ahmed. “All of you are colluding in the case,” the judge said.
Hearing of the case was adjounred until March 22 after court re-issed non-bailable arrest warrant of the fugitive.
On February 23, a report forwarded by the JIT stated that extortion demands were involved in the incident which were neglected in the first information report (FIR) of the case.
The team had recommended trials of the criminals in accordance with the terror laws.
A garments factory in Baldia Town had caught fire on September 11, 2012 claiming lives of around 259 workers while hundreds were seriously injured. Rangers had claimed that Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) was behind the incident.
A report presented in the Sindh High Court (SHC) claimed that a high official of the party had demanded extortion money from the owners of the factory.
Disenchanted MQM members, Anees Qaimkhani and Mustafa Kamal had addressed a press conference in Karachi on March 3. Former mayor Kamal had lambasted Altaf Hussain for not caring about the people of Karachi and turing them into Indian intelligence agency s agents.

He had said that youth of Karachi have not been in safe hands for past decades.
While talking to media, Mustafa Kamal had stated that he is ready to be executed if Anees Qaimkhani is proven guilty in Baldia Town factory incident.

Qaimkhani was seen as suspect in earlier reports regarding the factory fire case however, the report presented today does not bear his name.
It should be noted here that the expulsion of name has come in on second day after Qaimkhani co-addressed a key press conference in which his affiliate, former mayor Mustafa Kamal had announced establishment of a new political party.

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Biggest Circus on the face of earth is Pakistan Judicial System & their b@stard judges are biggest joker & they say to respect these blind coward judges who can't speak truth. I wish someone wipe out these whole judiciary with judges


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Ban MQM asap, arrest all their leaders & shut down their terror centre 90. Enough of this sh*t, just do some decisive action.
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