Meray Mutabiq - 3rd April 2010 - Ansar Abbasi & Imran Khan


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Meray Mutabiq 3rd April 2010
Insar Abbasi and Imran Khan in fresh episode of Meray Mutabiq in GEO Tv with Dr. Shahid Masood.



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Re: Meray Mutabiq - 3rd April 2010 - Ansar Abbasi & Imran Kh

Dr Saab is back with a bang, great show. As i have said before send a crook to catch a crook, as long as Mr 10% and his cronies are in power they will try anything not to obey SC judgement on NRO.


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Re: Meray Mutabiq - 3rd April 2010 - Ansar Abbasi & Imran Kh

the nation is dying but Bhutto aaj bhe zinda hai.
Bijlee nahi, roti nahi, tahoofaz (secuity) nahi, self respect nahi, every day news papers is full of news of countless injustices and President Zardari promised he will finally get to resolving these issues.
By the way it was interesting to see Zardari asking himself, tum kitnay bhutto maro gay her gher say bhutto biklay ga :) t
Last but not the least as of next year Hajj will be done in Garhi Khuda Baksh SIndh, if you want to invest then please contact the president fund.


Re: Meray Mutabiq - 3rd April 2010 - Ansar Abbasi & Imran Kh

Awaam is not going to get any benefit from this 18th amendment, they is nothing wrong with the current system its the people running the show that are the problem, they have no intentions of doing anything good for the benefit of the common man.

You will see in a few months time that these shameless creatures in Parliament will have new excuses of why they cant resolve the problems of the people. They have had 2 years to show us what democracy means in Pakistan and the remaining 3 will be the same unless they are politically martyred or commit political suicide, i sincerely hope neither happens to them.

It may sound really perverse but i want this awaam to suffer so that they come out on the streets and demand they rights to basic amenities.

For Imran i will say he should concentrate on getting his party more organised at grass root level and avoid these shows, he has no need to put his leg in to these matters as people like DR Saab and AA are doing fine job, he should let these crooks in government and so called opposition fight it out amongst themselves.


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Re: Meray Mutabiq - 3rd April 2010 - Ansar Abbasi & Imran Kh

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Re: Meray Mutabiq - 3rd April 2010 - Ansar Abbasi & Imran Kh

Lanat hai humare sare politicians per.... yeh saare hai is hamam me nange hain. Sare chor apni chori bachane ke liye 18th amendment per jashan mana rahe hain. This is political corruption of its worst kind. Independent judiciary is the only check on executive as the common man is powerless and the executive want to control the judiciary. Now we can see the real face of PML-N too.... They are the same as PPP ... they are afraid when their turn comes and if the judiciary is independent, their corruption cases will open too. Politicians should have nothing to do with judiciary ... They should concentrate on resolving the more dire problems at hand such as economy, fair decisions for all, electircity, gas, corruption, basic necessities of life ... etc. The only hope is Imran Khan. He does not talk nonsense and he is the only true patriot out of all our politicans. May Allah protect him and may Allah help us get rid of these blood-sucking leeches.

love Pak

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Re: Meray Mutabiq - 3rd April 2010 - Ansar Abbasi & Imran Kh


This person used to give Islamic Lectures, and now everyone knows his charactor.
CORRUPT LEADERS FOR A CORRUPT PUBLIC?: Hudhayfah said, Surely you will enjoin Maroof, forbid Munkar, and encourage each other to do good, or Allah will surround you with torment, or make the wicked amongst you become your leaders. (musnaad of ahmad)
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