Market Businessmen captured Bhatta khor Police in Karachi.


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Yee bussinessmen MQM / PAC kay bhatha khotoin ko kion nahin pakartay ??? Eski waja koi bata sakta haay ?????????????????????????????????

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Majority of police officers belong to MQM in Karachi now.

Zulfiqar Mirza had some control when he was the home minister but then he sided with Lyari gangsters.

There is no real end to this at this time.

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Good way to do things.
All the market businessmen should do this to all the bhatta khors and apprehend them even if they belong to a poltical party.


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Although I am not in favour of citizens taking law into their own hands but if few of these bhatta khors are punished then it will improve the situation.

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In police waalon ne socha hoga ke chalo behti ganga mein haath dho lo.

Yeh businessmen barey sayanay hain, MQM ke asal bhatta khoron mein aur jaali bhatta khoron mein faraq ker sakte hain. Tabhi tou unko pakar liya. Kaash yeh har kisam ke bhatta khoron ke khilaaf akhtay ho jayen, issi terha.