Majority of Pakistani citizens think Democracy is the best system-Gallup Survey 2011


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April 22, 2011

Majority See Democracy As The Best System Of Government; Only 20% Disagree; 52% Prefer Faulty Democracy Over Military Government

The results of a recent Gilani Poll conducted by Gallup Pakistan show that a majority of all Pakistanis see democracy as the best system of government while only 20% feel that this is not so. Furthermore, results show that as many as 52% believe that a faulty democracy is better than a smoothly functioning military government.

In a survey, a nationally representative sample of men and women from across the country were asked how far they agreed or disagreed with the following statement: €œDemocracy is the best system of government.€ While more than one third (35%) strongly agreed with this statement, another 41% partially agreed with it. Only a total of 20% people disagreed, with 7% strongly disagreeing and 13% partially disagreeing. 4% gave no response.
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bahi ye survey sab darama bazi hoti he, ye bhee 1 media ke yalghar he , asal may media jin key hatoo may he wo apny matalb key nataiyg hasil kerty he,jab davis ko pakra tu media nay kesy yalghar ke key pak ka dushman pakra geya he ,jab koche logo nay apny fawaid hasil ker ley tu usy bahir behg deya geya ,awam moh takti reh gey


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یہ تو لکھو کتنے لوگوں کی رائے لی ہے -فیصد تو لکھ دی
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