Khabar Naak - 23rd July 2011 - Janab Nawab Sahab!!


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Aftab Iqbal again right on spot.........till the time we have this corrupt system, there will be no room for honest people.........Yes back doors are open for all honest people, but unfortunately which ever honest person will try his luck, will let him down................(serious)(serious)(serious)


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Aftab Iqbal's approach on history is marvellous; but his comments about the movie "BOL" in his column was quite disappointed. I want to write him but found no forum in fact. (finger crossed).


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ye elit class k log kisi ghareeb or aam bandy ko apna leader manny ko kabi tayar nhi hongay agr aaj koi sarmaya daar ya koi bara aadmi inko offer karta to onky sat mil jaty,lekin chonky imran khan ki roots zameen me hen,or aam bnda he islie ye log onky party me janny ko apni shaan k khilaf smjhty hen,ye elections me apna seat b nhi jeet skengy,next election me insh imran khan ki party hi banaegi govt,otherwise pakisantan ka ALLAH hi hafiz he,zardari or ppp ne to isky sale hi karna he


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Yes this mr aftab is right about imran khan,he will never do such a immoralthings which these corrupt people are doing for their voters.


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They have no right to riddicule the couple and specially the husband's height....disgusting.
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