Kashif Abbasi, Mehr Bokhari engaged!!!

Jack Sparrow

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سرکار منڈے تے بابے وچ کوئی فرق تے ہونا چاہی دا اے

ہوں اے نا کہنا دل ہونا چاہی دا جوان عمراں چ کے رکھیا
بزرگو ، عمر جیرڑی وی ہو ،بس سٹروبیری مٹھی ہونی چا ہی دی اے
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iss media me esa hota hai .. abhi or bohot hain line mein ... and main thing is now a dasy everybody in our UNIVERSITIES studying Mass Communication because all TV channels want educated ppl and now its bheer chaal like MBA nad MCS few years ago ...

kashif wesy hain bohot dil phenk insan .. jinnah super k pas aksar POONDI kerta paya gya hai or kareeb hi aik restaurant me janag gulcharry uraty hain aksar okat ..

kabhi talat bhai bhi hoty hain sath inkay ...

meher tera allah waris .. lol


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بزرگو ، عمر جیرڑی وی ہو ،بس سٹروبیری مٹھی ہونی چا ہی دی اے

پا جی سانوں کی
اے تے ہن عباسی ہی دسے گا کج سال بعد
اتوں سٹرابری نظر آن والی کتے وچوں وڈی گٹک والا جموں تے نیں


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this is a private matter we should not comment non seriously it is a sensitive matter about two persons being in media is their profession but we should talk responsibly


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Farooq Khan sb if posb then plz atleast Zra C tameez Jack Saparrow ar in jasy logon k b sikha dey.

Kiun yeh sub aik dham kise ki zati zindgi per comments krna shoro ker dety hain. ar baty western wisdom ki krty hain. Takreer Haqook k hasool ki krty hain. Nation main pedari lany k msg krty hain. Just look at ur self.

Pardon me plz


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who is k abbasi?who is meher aloobukhaari?
what you ppl see on tv?????
frankly the world is more interested in below news co mpared to this news you gve.


Crowds flock to monkey 'wedding'

By Sandeep Sahu


Thousands of villagers attended the marriage

Enlarge Image

Some 3,000 villagers have attended an elaborate Hindu wedding ceremony in eastern India for two monkeys.
The "bride" was dressed in a five-metre long sari and decked in flowers. The ceremony took place last Thursday in Ghanteswara village in Orissa state.
The guests were served a feast of rice, lentils, vegetables, fish and sweets.
Monkeys are revered idols in Hindu mythology. But the couples that took in and "married" off the two monkeys in Orissa say they love them as pets.
The monkey marriage took place some 200km (125 miles) from the Orissa state capital, Bhubaneswar.
The "groom", a three-year-old male monkey named Manu, was taken by procession to a temple in the company of hundreds of bemused onlookers, accompanied by loud music, dancing and fireworks.
'Unique experience'
Women welcomed the groom with loud, synchronised ululations typical in a Hindu marriage while priests chanted sacred hymns.
"It was a unique experience for me. It was the first time I conducted a marriage between two animals. But I followed all the rituals that I do in human marriages," said Daitari Dash, the priest.
Women prepared the female monkey, named Jhumuri, as they would a human bride, draping her in a red sari and smearing her with sandalwood paste.
The monkeys were showered with gifts from the villagers

The monkeys were showered with gifts by those present. They included a gold necklace for the bride, donated by a local businessman.
"I feel as if my own daughter is getting married. I cannot bear the thought that she would not be with us anymore," Mamina, the woman who has been looking after the female monkey said.
Mamina has been looking after Jhumuri since her husband found her at a local temple.
The male monkey, Manu, was found in a mango orchard in a neighbouring village by a couple who raised it as their pet.
The two monkeys, who were kept in chains before the marriage, have now been released by their owners. They have been spotted hanging out at the temple where the "marriage" took place. A local villager, Mitrabhanu Dutta, said the event was a "nice way to release the monkeys from captivity".
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all anchors and media persons are cursed .they do kufars work to spread lies and obscenity in society.allah will turn them into monkeys soon anyway


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deen ko beech main kiyun lataa hay. Sharam ker . Taraaiy jasaaiy logoon ki waja say mulk ka yaaiy haal hay aaj. Nafrat phalanay walay wadaich. shame on you.


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U and me are not to decide; however, to whichever category one falls in, the pairs are made in the heavens.

ارشادِ رب العزت ہے

اَلْخَبِیْثَاتُ لِلْخَبِیثِیْنَ وَالْخَبِیْثُونَ لِلْخَبِیْثَاتِ وَالطَّیِّبَاتُ لِلطَّیِّبِینَ وَالطَّیِّبُونَ لِلطَّیِّبَاتِ أُوْلٰئِکَ مُبَرَّئُوْنَ مِمَّا یَقُوْلُونَ لَہُمْ مَّغْفِرَةٌ وَّرِزْقٌ کَرِیْمٌ ۔

"خبیث عورتیں خبیث مردوں کے لیے اور خبیث مرد خبیث عورتوں کے لیے اور پاکیزہ عورتیں پاکیزہ مردوں کی لیے ہیں اور پاکیزہ مرد پاکیزہ عورتوں کے لیے ہیں وہ ان باتوں سے پاک ہیں جو وہ لوگ بناتے ہیں انکے لیے مغفرت اور باعزت روزی ہے۔" سورہ نور:۲۶

aur brother wadaich siasat.pk key lye hai lmao