Javed Hashmi's Warns PMLN & PPP: 'After 6 months


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یہ تو داغی ھے ۔ اس کی بات پر یقین نہ کرو ۔ کیوں بھائیوں ؟
سردار جی نے بیچ چوراہےمیں امرتسری بھڑووں کی ھنڈیا پھوڑ دی ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔


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we were very angry with him when he ditched IK, but his theme at that time was dont ally with the generals, maybe he wasnt wrong. their titles should be :
brigadier dalla
major dalla
lt dalla
chief of dalla staff.

because they can/do sell their moms for the right price.
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