Islamabad Tonight 20th April 2010 - Gen. (R) Hameed Gul and Haroon Rashid


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BB's assassination was the job of US,Musharraf and PPP's inside circle because the circumstances and evidences are clear on this.NYTimes have already gave the name of dick Chenny and musharraf's collaboration.This govt will not produce the investigation report of BB's murder,also will not issue the orders of red warrant for musharraf for fear of their own *******.BB's murder was a national tragedy,if she was alive the country would have been in much better shape.


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General Pakistani Public is looking for ( ROTTI,KAPRRA,MAKAN) and this government has increased their misiries,troubles with ; no water, no electricity n job. They are looking in the sky (heaven) for better life, because they know it is ALLAHAS Pakistan.
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