Indian Navy ship stops PNS Baber


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Pakistan has strongly protested against India over stopping Pak Navy ship.

According to the spokesperson of Foreign Office, Pakistani ship was on its way to rescue hostages and a Ship taken by Somali pirates. It was stopped by Indian ship Gadawri on June 16. India has been asked not to repeat such an act in the future.

Pakistan has also strongly reacted to NATO planes incursion into Pakistan. Top Afghan envoy was summoned by the Foreign Office which lodged a strong protest against the attack on Bajaur check post.


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this is really pathetic act by indian navy first they refused to help that ship now when our ship is trying to help they are creating hurdles. may be they got frustrated after criticism from with and outside for not helping the ship.


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hahaah .. llooooooll nice one. We are muslims we deserve this ****** .. ****** hi ****** ..


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pns babar.why not rename it pns george washington.what relations we have now with babar...babar humilated hindus by defeating them everywhere and cutting them like gaajar mooli...our nation and its forces on other hand have accepted slavery of america and india.

with 80 percent of budget spent on army ,i guess we should have enough resources to sink the indian cowards who dare to stop us in sea...but alas ,the defense budget is not spent justly and also more than money its the iman which makes one fight a battle which this nation presently lacks
what money taliban have?nothing?they are fighting occupying force of americans and 40 european states in afghanistan single handedly .!and mashalah defeating them...taliban with torn clothes and old weapons are winning the war against super power while our army which is worlds 5th or 6th largest army cant even face cowards like indians.indians who are well known as most coward nation in history .(sorry if it hurt someone but history is history,you cant deny this)

note...last month taliban in one single attack in north afghanistan killed occupying isaf commander plus senior nato commanders in governor house of taleqan ,as always media censored this news...but sources claim that when american command and hamid kerzai the american puppet came to know of this loss and enormity of this loss,they started to cry and beat up their heads!!! (cry) mashalah
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