1. L

    Islamic make-over for Pakistan bus stops

    previous Pakistani men wait for the bus at a newly installed bus shelter inscribed with verses of the Koran and Islamic calligraphy with a public service message in Islamabad PrevNext Go to page 1 previous Pakistan is decorating bus stops with Koranic verses and Islamic calligraphy to...
  2. mohib

    Indian Navy ship stops PNS Baber

    Pakistan has strongly protested against India over stopping Pak Navy ship. According to the spokesperson of Foreign Office, Pakistani ship was on its way to rescue hostages and a Ship taken by Somali pirates. It was stopped by Indian ship Gadawri on June 16. India has been asked not to...
  3. Nawazish

    Chinese concept Train- The Train that never stops

  4. Bilal_Mushi

    Nawaz stops Shahbaz from attending in-camera session

    Nawaz stops Shahbaz from attending in-camera session Nawaz Sharif forbad Shahbaz Sharif from attending the in-camera briefing of the military command. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif asked Punjab Chief Minister Shabaz Sharif not to attend the in-camera joint...
  5. News Watch

    News Watch - 12th May 2011 - LHC stops Zardari from political activities, Pakistan Russia Relationsh

  6. Geek

    LHC stops Zardari from holding Political activities

    LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Thursday restrained President Asif Ali Zardari from holding political activities, Geo News reported. A full bench of the Lahore High Court on 10 Mar 2011 had reserved the judgment on several petitions challenging holding of dual office by President Asif...
  7. karachiwala

    Hamid Karzai STOPS indian Prime Minister from visit

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