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Any party supporting Nawaz Sharif is corrupt itself: Imran Khan


While addressing a press conference earlier today Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan said anyone who supports Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is corrupt themselves. He was reacting to Army Chief Raheel Sharifs statement in Kohat earlier today, where the COAS asserted the Armys support in uprooting corruption.

Khan said that whole nation agrees with the COAS. Nawaz Sharif has backed Khawaja Asifs allegation regarding Shaukat Khanum Hospital funds, Khan said. The government wants to shut down a hospital which is for poor, while Nawaz himself goes abroad for treatment even if he has cough.

PTI chairman said if the funds of SKMH funds have been misappropriated, why has the government not taken any action against it. He claimed that the ruling party is pointing fingers on SKMH to hide their own corruption.

While talking about Panama Leaks, Khan asked why Nawaz Sharif is not publicizing his tax records like UK Prime Minister David Cameron. All his children are giving contradictory statements regarding their property in London, he said. One is saying they dont have any, the second is saying they bought it in 2006, while the third says they have the apartments since 90s.

The PTI chief said the PM has to clarify how the money went abroad and how their apartments were bought. It is the duty of the opposition to highlight the corruption of ruling party and its shortcomings, Khan said. Even Musharrafs era had not seen anything as brutal as the Model Town Incident. Nawaz Sharif himself is the product of a dictator hence he doesnt know about democracy.

While talking about the planned protests against the government, Khan said that protesting is their democratic right. The duty of ruling party is to arrest corrupt people not to join them, he said. The nation wants NAB, FIA and tax collecting institutes to be transparent and neutral so that the corruption investigation can be done on merit. If Pakistans institutes become stronger then Pakistan will become strong.
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