Front Line - 6th May 2011 - Maria Sultan - Abbottabad Operation: Arising Question Upon Defence capab


Fter 3 days debate on different forums no one has courrage to identify the following for the simple solution of the abbot abad attack by us. The whole pakistani nation must emphasize on the following points.

Remember one thing there was no intelligence failure in abbot abad but the pak forces were bound to not react without the pm gillani orders thats it.

1. Few days back mr. Gillani prime minister had been loudly said on the parliament floor in respone to the choudhary nisar comments against isi and army that,

pm gillani said " our intelligence agencies and army are under the government and act upon the instructions of the chief executive because the chief of army staff reports to the prime minister.

So it is very simple to understand that why our pak air force, army and intelligence agencies could have been able to react, retaliate or iterfere during the heinous mission of the us marines in abbot abad without the orders of the prime minister and the president zardari.

now it is responsibility of the chief justice of pakistan that he must take suo moto action against prime minister with serious charge sheet and ask him about the hidden conspiracy and truth on his recent statement "it is a great win and achievement of the us in abbot abad by killing osamam"


Chief justice must take suo motto against pm gillani on his statement in favor of us mission and he must be hanged with zardari.

Pm gilani is the person who loudly said on the floor of the house that intelligence agencies and pak forces act upon the instructions of the government so if the abbot abad us attack was not retaliated by pak forces it means there was tight instruction for the forces that dont try to interfere or stop the mission of the gillani friends otherwise it was not happened

Faisal Vohra

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I will like to say enough is enough, America has embarrased our whole nation, these US Americans in whatever shape should be kicked out of Pakistan,