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    Minister Of Defence Khawaja Asif Addressing The Ceremony | 25 May 2017

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  2. 7

    CAPITAL FRONT With Javed Iqbal (Exculsive Talk withsyed zaid zaman hamid) 17 Feb 2017

  3. atensari

    دفاع پاکستان... خدا فریبی کہ خود فریبی؟

  4. News Beat

    News Beat - 6th September 2011 - Defence Day Special

  5. Arslan

    Dunya TV - Defence Day Special - 6th September

  6. H

    Pakistan Defence Day - 6th September 1965 (War clip)

  7. zardarifan

    In Defence of Asif Ali Zardari by Abdullah Zaidi What comes to your mind with the mention of Asif Ali Zardari? A cunning, vile, and corrupt man, said my 19 year old cousin. This was a good summation of what the urban middle-class thinks of him. The more I hear people talking about him the more I am...
  8. Muhammad Ilyas Khan

    Education is the best Defence

    "Pakistan has been in turmoil for a considerable time. Ignorance, hatred and intolerance and the consequent desperation seem to be on the rise in all spheres our national life. The suffering of the innocent people at the hands of the militants, extremists and terrorists on the one hand is...
  9. Aaj Ki Khabar

    Aaj Ki Khabar - 7th July 2011 - Air Marshal Shahid Latif - Need to Change Defence & Foriegn Policies

  10. Asif shah

    Pakistan won't last war with India for 45 days: Defence Minister Ahmad Mukhtar

    In a shocker, Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar has opened a verbal front against his own country. In an interview with a western broadcasting company, the worthy defence minister said Pakistan’s military might is half that of India’s. He also said Pakistan doesn’t have the capacity to fight a...
  11. mohib

    "US can win war without Pakistan" - US Defence Secretary Robert Gates

    As Barack Obama announced troops pullout, Robert Gates said US can win war without Pakistan. Success is possible in the war in Afghanistan even if Pakistan fails to fully cooperate in countering militants along its border, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates told a foreign news agency. With...
  12. gazoomartian

    Generals face harsh criticism as NA passes defence budget

    Gazoo Note: The critiques of Pak army should see this thread. Generals are in hot H2O Adapted from Dawn ISLAMABAD: The opposition PML-N raised on Saturday sharp questions about the performance of...
  13. C

    For the critics of the defence budget !!!

  14. awan4ever

    Extra Rs150b sanctioned above defence budget! ISLAMABAD: On top of the Rs495 billion officially-sanctioned defence budget, the government has allocated an additional Rs150 billion for the armed forces, almost half of which was billed...
  15. A

    In Defence Of Defenders‏

    Dear Friends, There is a lot of debate going on in public gatherings, drawing room gossip and most noticeable in the media ,about the role , weaknesses and future of Armed forces. There is no doubt that recent events of Abbotabad and Mehran Base have badly hurt the image of Armed Forces. The...
  16. Awaaz

    Awaaz - 29tth May 2011 - Asima Jahangir, Akram Sehgal & Imtiaz Alam - Our Defence Institution are In

  17. sarbakaf

    Polls Results at an Indian Defence Site ( Look at the highlited questions & Answers ) V.IMP LOOK AT THESE POLLS AND THEIR REPLIES AND FIND OUT THEIR INTENTIONS ABOUT US ) Is Pakistan's Nuclear arsenal safe? 16.00 % said Yes, 80.00 % said No, 4.00 % said Dont Know Is Pakistan heading for Civil War? 77.14% said Yes 22.86% said No 0%...
  18. News Beat

    News Beat - 26th May 2011 - Zafar Ali Shah & Sharmila Farooqi - Cabinet Defence Committee Meeting Bu

  19. Geek

    This is How Takfiri Terrorist are serving Islam - Tableeghi Jamaats to be banned from Cantts, defenc

    ISLAMABAD: Preaching teams (Tableeghi Jamaats) as well as those who are not permanent residents of the area are likely to be barred from entering mosques of cantonments and defence and security institutions across the country, it was learnt here on Monday. Security agencies have been...
  20. PkRevolution

    How a missile defence shield works!!!!!

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