Forward Towards Hatred and War

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The problem with all Jahadi mentality is illiteracy. They are Jahil period. 45,000 people have been killed by the terrorists and if you look at the stats you will see that the majority are not from the minority communities but are from the majority Sunni communities. And that is the sad reality. There are no two ways about who the terrorists are and what they want. They have made their stance very clear. It is our leadership who would want to negotiate with them. One wants them to open an office! For what? Are you going to make them your election partners in the next elections? They do not recognize the Pakistani government.

Have you not heard for them; Democracy is haram? So, your elections, your parliament, and the government you are a part off are illegal in their minds of mind. So when you sit across them on a mat or an Afghan rug (they would not sit with you across a table or will they?) what are you going to negotiate with them? Did not the Zardari government negotiate with them and gave them Swat to govern? What happened there? Again, please get it into your head that they are illiterate folks who have tasted power. They can kill without any remorse and go on.

The only way they know how to exert power is to round up some people and slaughter them with butchers knives and videotape themselves doing this heinous crime. That is all they do to prove their power and all in the name of Islam. The religion thats name is derived from PEACE! How ironic. I would really like to know from our leadership, the governing party, the opposition, and the religious parties as to how they would go about negotiating with illiterate killers?

The judiciary has already exonerated every terrorists of any crimes (they have not heard that once the terrorists come in power the only courts they will set up is Kazi courts and these current judges will have no place in those courts) and let them off every time they are brought before them sometimes even before. Just last week another honorable court has exonerated the Lal Masjids Terrorist in Chief of any crimes. He was freed much earlier but now he can walk with his head high and chest out and continue his hate mongering and threats with the blessings of the honorable courts of Pakistan.

When will we realize that these terrorists of the state will not rest, even if you give them the nation to govern! We tried them before and all we got was death and destructions. The only thing they know is hatred and war and that is where the current leadership of Pakistan is taking its citizens. Just think!



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کیا یہ حقیقت نھیں ھے کہ جو سیاستدان ڈیڑھ سو مسلح گارڈز کے بغیر گھر سے قدم باھر نھیں رکھتے وھی طالبان کو اپنے لوگ کہہ رھے ھیں اور مزاکرات کا ڈھندورا پیٹ رھے ھیں
سلام ھے پاکستانی قوم پر کہ برستے بموں اور ٹارگٹ کلنگ کی پرواھ کیے بغیر مذاکرات کرنے والے بزدل حکمرانوں کو اس بار بار کی دھرای ھوی غلطی کو پھر سے دھرانے سے روک رھے ھیں۔
عوام جنکا محافظ صرف خدا کی ذات ھے اپنے مذھبی لیڈروں کو جو قلعہ بند ھو چکے ھیں خوف کے مارے وھ شھادت پروف کنٹینروں اور گاڑیوں میں پھرتے ھیں پھر بھی مانتے انکی عزت و احترام کرتے اور انکی خاطر اپنی جانیں خطروں میں ڈالتے ھیں لیکن یہ ملک و قوم کے غدار پھر بھی مذاکرات کا رونا روتے ھیں


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ان ڈرپوک حکمرانوں کو پنجابی محاورے کی رو سے
بھینس کے نیچے چھوڑیں تو یہ اسے چھوڑ کر بھینسے کے نیچے جا پنھچتےھیں


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Kamal yeah hai kai Liberals ki Munafiqat aur Dollars ki CHAMAK apnay Baam e Uroojh ko Choo rahai hai,

Jis din Muzakraat Kaamyaab honay ki khabar AA gai en ka ITIQAAL farma Jana YAQEENI hai.

Muzakraat na karo laikin Yeah miyaar Sirif Pakistan kai lieay hai,

Chechcnia main Boris Yelsun Presdient House Bulwa kar Chechan Commander sai Muzakraat karay,
Amrika Back Door aur Open Chaneels sai Muzakrak karay,
Endia Kashmirioon sai Muzakraat karay,
Bosnia main Muzakraat hoon,
Israel, Hamas sai muzakrat karay,


Bashaar Maloon naaray maar maar kar mar JAI kai Muzakraat per aaoo larai band karo
Hasan Nasar UlAAH ka kal ka biyaan hai kai Sirif Muzakraat hi hal hai Syria ka

EN KO sirif MOAT nazar AATI hai tow PAKISTAN kai Muzakrat karnay MAIN,

Andaza Laga lain liberals aur MAKHSOOS zehniat ki Doa rukhi aur Munafiqat ka.


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