Faisla Awam Ka - 12th August 2013 - قومی سلامتی پالیسی کیوں نہ بن سکی ؟


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On Baluchistan: Creation of Strong City Governments backed by Rangers and Army supported by Local Policing not from outside of home is the ONLY way to address Law & Order. Giving powers to Mayors at Tehsil level not Chief Minister, one IG and few Ministers will SOLVE Baluchistan problem All other efforts will fail.

On India: India will never be happy, no matter what. They are in false superiority complex. Be realistic: Be firm and diplomat; not "khushamdi and street talk of love" presented by Nawaz in an interview. Tell India bluntly that relations have to be on equal grounds as Pakistan does NOT need India because:

1. Pakistan is self sufficient in food and agriculture.
2. Technology is available worldwide not from India.
3. Education can sourced from USA, EU, China. and Japan.
4. Strong Pak Army with nuclear for defense and deter.
5. Strong reality is that India simply can not vanish Pakistan, she has to live with it.

Tell India "GO TO HELL". Pakistan can survive without India. Relations have to be on equal grounds. NS & PML-N do not have intellectual sense. They utter dialogue spoken in films not in international diplomatic circles..
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