Dr. Alvi strongly condemns arrest of PTI Baluchistan President Qasim Khan Suri: Warns of Country wid


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Secretary General Dr. Arif Alvi has strongly condemned the arrest of PTI Balochistan President Mr Qasim Khan Suri. He has been arrested on an FIR which was registered against a large number of workers in Quetta when they did a Dharna against drone strikes. Dharnas were legal as PTI was following the NA unanimous resolution which stated that if Drone strikes continue the country would block NATo supplies.

Dr Alvi warned that if Mr Qasim Khan is not released immediately PTI would hold country wide protests tomorrow. It seems as if the government is scared of the increasing popularity f Mr Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and has stooped to its old tactics of trying to scare politicians. Let it be known that a revolution is ready and such actions would only speed up the process wherein the Hukoomat Hatao Mulk Bachao campaign would come to fruition.

Pictures of Baluchistan Dharna against NATO Drone Attacks can be seen HERE:

Follow Mr. Qasim Khan Suri on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Qasimkhansuri.PTI


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Long live politics of reconciliation,

All Haram Khors are occupying ministerial posts and people who are raising voice to stop killing by foreigners are behind bars today

Shame on PLMn if they did not voice their concerns over this concern
History in the making, InshaAllah...


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PPP is haram khoor and they are afraid of PTI is spreading fast mainly in pashtoon belt of blochistan but also some educated university students of bloch background are joing . but even if it was nawaz league, or mqm, or anp they have done the same ( out of jeliousy anp guys killed 2 PTI youth wing workers in bolan university jut few weeks back because GANGSTER ANP think them selves champion of pashtoon rights just as MQM is so called champion of urdu speaking rights)
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