Does another Zia Rule of 1977 await?


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From Panama Leaks to the Supreme Court hearings, NAB references through conviction, to holding elections, senators, human rights organisations, local and international media, various political parties made a hue and cry for not providing level play field for electioneering and favouring PTI for some reasons.

Tehrik e Labbaik, Paksarzameen Party were used for desired results in their constituencies which were to damage Noon League and MQM. Sadly both of them, Tehrik e Labbaik and PSP complained about election rigging.

PML(N)'s hawkish leaders like Rana Sanaullah, Abid Sher Ali, Ayaz Sadiq, Talal Chaudhry are still waiting for complete results.

4% of the total count was received from Karachi by 2 pm.

Bilawal Bhutto hadn't received any of his results by this time.

Funny that this delay from ECP is similar to the ones from accountability court over Nawaz Sharif's and Hanif Abbasi's conviction ;) manipulation, manipulation, manipulation rofl

PML(N) has officially rejected the polls; PPP's senators have also indicated the same plan.

MMA's Fazlur Rehman has called for an all parties conference.

It looks like a 1977 situation. The difference is this is graver than 1977; because the opposition is stronger than PNA and I see country wide large scale protests in the coming days.

And I know this is not a spontaneous situation. This is a well planned scenario.

The perception or message to be given is 'democracy has failed', politicians agree upon not agreeing, immature scumbags!

Protests will become violent with 'more suicide bombings' like the Mastung style or Quetta style of election day.

And then Sheikh Rasheed and his tribe will call for a General Zia to be born again.

Thanks to CPEC and the made in China oppressive rule that will make us an Asian Tiger in the lap of this new Chinese daddy.
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Actually its a new begining and SS and so many other criminals will be in prison shortly.

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More crying of the defeated patwaris, but then again they have nothing else left to justify their massive humiliation


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فضول اور بے سرو پا مضون، کوی اسے کیوں پڑھے ــ انٹر نیشنل میڈیا میں بھارتی چخ چخ کا وقت گزر گیاـ
عوام نے چوروں اور مجرموں کو مسترد کر دیا ،انکا دماغی خلل کو کچھ دیر رہے گا، چند دن دوا کھا کر آرام کیا جاے کہ شاید کچھ افاقہ ہوـــــ

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Attack of Indian RAW on



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