Did you know about a secret game in Google Chrome brower?

Safeer Ansari

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Secret game in Google Chrome Browser!


This sad dinosaur look familiar right? Well this is T-Rex, an extinct dinosaur kind. You see this when your interview. This comes up on your Google's Chrome browser's screen when your browser can't connect to the internet. Did you ever questioned that why a dinosaur when having internet issues? Well, that is to remind you shitty is your internet provider and that they deserve to be extinct as T-Rex.

But did you know about the secret game in your Google chrome browser? Well yes, this dinosaur is ALSO the main character of that secret game you didn't know about!A land will appear below the dinosaur if you press the space bar and it will fall towards it...

And then begins the game! You will get a score counter at the right top of your screen and the dinosaur will start moving. The dinosaur will be having the cactus and what you have to do is to make the dinosaur jump every time a cactus appears on the screen. You can do that by clicking the mouse on the screen or by pressing the space bar.
The game will be over if the cactus hits dinosaur. Yeah it is a simple but still you have at least SOMETHING to do when Comcast is screwing up your wi-fi.

Okay now I know you just tried it with a fine internet connection and now you are going to turn off your wi-fi to try it out. Haha! Have fun! And do not forget to join our official Facebook page. We are new but we won’t disappoint you.

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