Darling - 1st May 2011


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Nice show mr.dar . PCB should take notice of "Zulqernain Haider's" statement which does make sense because Dubai is also a centre of gambling and Kamran Akmal's personelty was already under the microscope as a wicket keeper because according to lots of people he does have the connections with the bookies. Since Z Haider played very good , won the match and Kamran Akmal felt that his place in the team is in jeoperdy so he might have used some of his connections to put him aside, may be thats why Z Haider left Dubai and went to london for fear of his life. Police have captured 4 bookies from sialkot with lots of evidences and four are at large because these people were calling him on his cell .It does ring the bell that there is some truth in his stroy.
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