Corruption worth trillions involving metallic minerals unearthed


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ابھی نوازشریف سے تو ایک پائی لی نہیں - ان سے کیا لے لیںگے۔۔ بس صرف خبریں ہی ہیں۔۔نیب اور عدالت کو پنگ پونگ کھیلنے کے لیے ایک اور کیس مل گیا

Truck ki batti ...
attention divert ......


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There were case on Dr Asim Hussain Rs475 billion later gave him bail on Rs 50 million. and taiaan taiaan fish...
From 2014 to 2017 feel that all Sindh are corrupted.... tooo many cases.. every day news case.. hundred thousand of Guns and bullets recovered but ? ? ?
Where is Uzair baloch ?? with Ilzam of more than 100 people's ??
Where is the Abid boxer,, who give all prove of target killing against Shahbaz sharif.
Karachi Baldia factory case , 12 may 2017 , Allama iqbal town case...

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Jerda bhano laal hai. Phir yeh ganjay bhol te hai hum to begunah hai, hum se siyasi badla liya jaa raha hai! ??


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Ab marnay k baad bhe loota huwa maal vaapis kerna ho ga, so now even if the cases are going at a slow pace than our desire I am more hopeful.