Chinese Muslims banned from fasting in Ramadan


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Re: !!! چین میں کاشغر کے مسلمانوں پر روزہ رکھنے پ

A western Propa.gan.da to put cracks in PK-China Relationship. See the tone of the write up, seems to be written by US State Department, Posted through another false flag cybertrooper. Lagay raho moles your treachery won't work now. (clap)

You are stupid thats not gonna help



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Re: !!! چین میں کاشغر کے مسلمانوں پر روزہ رکھنے پ

Dont worry china will never be able to become a superpower. America is coming back in power financially in 2012 again after second half.

It looks more like a wish or a dream of yours to me rather than a prediction. :lol:


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Re: !!! چین میں کاشغر کے مسلمانوں پر روزہ رکھنے پ

kon kisi ko uss kay ghar ja ker bhoka rehnay(roza rakhnay) se rook sakta hai chinese government cant go door to door to ask the people inside the home are fasting or not?
aur MAYRA ALLAH kehta hai kay kafir kabhe musalmano kay dost nahe ho saktay tou iss say ziada kisi kafir se kia umeed ki ja sakte hai
kay woh wohee baat kahay aur karay jo ALLAH nay uss kay KHAMEER mai daal di hai.
aur zalim hukmaraan ager kisi ko ibadaat se rokay tou waha per 2 kaam ho saktay hain HIJRAT FOR GREAT ALLAH YAH GHAR MAI REH KER IBAADAT.
so na tou hamay cheen se deeni mamlaat mai koee umeed hai aur na hone chahaye coz they are also kafir laykin dunya kay mamlaat mai hum aik dosray ki zarorat hain.

mai @wadaich se agree hoon kay yeh pak-china relation harab kernay ki shuruaat ho sakte hai.

aqeel813 , @wadaich, @itsnotme90 @Narcissist


Re: !!! چین میں کاشغر کے مسلمانوں پر روزہ رکھنے پ

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Folks!!! Good to hear different opinions. Some are concerned,some deny and some consider it against human rights. Its all good. But we must not look at China like Pakistanis. China is a very different country. It was not long ago that it had a closed economy. They are very protective of their race,country and culture but it does not mean they are racist,there may be some like any country. But the difference is that it is considered Taboo to do any thing Un-Chinese in public. There is no religion and it is strongly discouraged to express it in public. Thats the way china is and this rule is for everyone. In private life people have all the freedom of religion but not in public. Since Islam expresses public course of its customs, china show reservations. We must not forget it is our best friend.


Well? what you have say now..... it looks like there are more than one source that is pointing out..... where there is smoke there is fire.

Keep an eye on my next post... take care.

Same way you have your signature, your bosses have created websites with Muslim names
So first you publish the news in these kind of web pages and then show us the links as if they are authentic
Mole more you post here more we know about your motives
now time to post a few pro Pakistan news to neutralize this post.....

In their hearts is a disease (of doubt and hypocrisy) and Allah has increased their disease. A painful torment is theirs because they used to tell lies.
( Al-Baqara, Chapter #2, Verse #10)

People find love; people lose love..Every day someone, somewhere takes a conscious decision to destroy some one else.

Wa Alaikum Salam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.
China should not curb religious freedom in muslim provinces and should also allow buddhist to follow their religion in tibet..

How can pakistan talk about discrimination in kashmir [where i remember that people of kashmir are rich;even allowed to protest,burn public property,riot]

once it cant speak for humane rights violations in china................recently chinese police shot dead 20 + muslims in day light ..