1. U

    A special report on Myanmar Rohingya SkyNews

    Pakistan govt. have done nothing which can give any relief to our Muslim brothers of Myanmar. I am so much ashamed today. At least Pakistan Govt. can do is to allow Myanmar Mahajir to enter Pakistan and live peacefully here. Every Pakistani citizen will open doors for our Muslim brothers and...
  2. Amal

    برما کے سفیر اور سفارت خانے سے براہ راست رابطہ کرکے اپنااحتجاج ریکارڈ کرائیں

    سفارت خانہ برما کے نمبر تمام لوگ برما کے سفیر اور سفارت خانے سے براہ راست رابطہ کرکے اپنااحتجاج ریکارڈ کرائیں جو چاہیں لکھیں لیکن کم از کم یہ ضرور لکھئے۔ STOP" KILLING INNOCENT MUSLIM IN YOUR COUNTRY, BE BRAVE AND REPLY ME. Tmam log Burma ke safart khaney ko phone, fax, email, SMS her...
  3. A

    Behtareen Musalman Aurat Ki Pehchan Kaisay Ki Jati Hai | Maulana Tariq Jameel 2017

  4. The_Choice

    What is your Muslim’s identity?

    A very important lecture regarding of Muslim’s identity. A Muslim should be recognized as a Muslim or as a label of following madhab (e.g., Hanafee, Shaafiee, Hambalee or Salafee)? What is your Muslim’s identity? Watch this lecture to find out your answer according to Quran and Sunnah.
  5. A Abbasi

    Ian Bishop thinks 18 years old Pakistani sensation Shadab Khan should be in Test Squad

    The first time West Indian legend Ian Bishop saw Shadab Khan bowling(It was back in Feb 20th during PSL), This is what he said.. 847941783078277121 833730219857022976 Yesterday when Adeel retweeted Ian Bishop's older tweet. Bishop responded by saying the following. 847960314427650049
  6. M

    400,000 muslims fought for Britain in second world war and thousands of them gave their lives for Un

    ??? ???? ??? ???????? ?? ??????? ?? ???? ??? ?? ? 400,000 muslims fought for Britain in second world war and thousands of them gave their lives for United Kingdom.
  7. The_Choice

    If The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Visited You...

  8. The_Choice

    Removing Doubts Pertaining to "Shirk"

    Note: Asalamu'alaikum, I request the Admin to please make this a sticky post, as Shirk is the only sin that will not be forgiven by Allah and needs to be made plain. This subject matter is incredibly important. There are millions of Brothers and Sisters falling into subtle forms of Shirk on a...
  9. A

    Muslims of Pakistan Trended #HangedForBeingMuslims against Indian Radicals

    Muslims are safe in India??? Answer is a big no and Indian Radicals are killing Innocent Muslim cattle traders just because of being muslims. Muslims are showing anger on Twitter by trending #HangedForBeingMuslims Where is peaceful india??? Why Pakistan is not raising this issue in United...
  10. ashraf4531

    WOW If you are going to watch this - be prepared to be blown away! Name a single Imam or scholar in

  11. S

    40 Hafiz Quran Burned in Barma by Budhist animals

    ???? ???? ????? ?? ??? ????? ?? ???? ?? ?? ???? ?? ???? ??? ??? ???? ???? ???????? ?? ???? ??? ????? ????? ?? ???? ?? ?? ??? ?? ? ?? ????? ?? ???? ???? ?? ???? ??? ???? ???? ????? ???? ??? ??? . . . Where is Dajjali media?? jis ko Malala Day or indian actron ki fazool zindagi par gup shup...
  12. H

    Isnt it time to ponder?

    My Nephew who is in his late teen suffers from a degenerating disease called Multiple sclerosis. He fell very ill just a few days ago and was admitted to ICU with many complications in Michigan, USA. He just finished his high school. His commencement ceremony was yesterday. This child works...
  13. A

    Lessons from the Battle of Uhud; Time to ponder concerning current state of Muslim Ummah

    In his book, Zad al-Ma`ad, Ibn al-Qayyim cited many of the rulings and noble lessons derived from the battle of Uhud, among them: 1. The believers learned the negative consequence of disobedience, loss of courage and dispute, and that what occurred was the result of it. As Allah(Almighty) said...
  14. S

    Self Help Can Only Help!

    The elections are finally over and the Obam-ination of America continues for another four years. The promise of change in 2008 was fulfilled resulting in this historic victory. Even though the change was only in the definition of the word change, but who am I to question if the sheeple of...
  15. A

    Praise Your Wife

  16. M Ali Khan

    Human Rights Watch 56 page report on Rohingya oppression

    56 page report on Rohingya oppression by Human Rights Watch Now usually hyper-active (and often low-IQ) mard-e-momins tend to accuse Human Rights groups of "ignoring abuses faced by Muslims around the world" and trying to hide growing hatred faced by smaller sects and minorities in Pakistan...
  17. M Ali Khan

    Muslim spying led to NO leads, terror cases: NYPD Police hoped the Demographics Unit would serve as an early warning system for terrorism. — File Photo by Reuters NEW YORK: In more than six years of spying on Muslim neighborhoods, eavesdropping on conversations...