Ch. Nisar puts off resignation as PAC chairmanship on PML(N) instructions.


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Nisar puts off resignation as PAC chairman


Opposition leader in NA Ch Nisar Ali Khan has postponed his decision to resign as PAC chief.

He has taken the decision to not resign as Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairman on instructions from his party, PML (N).

Speaking to an urgently called press conference at Punjab House, Nisar said the government is trying to put obstacles in the functioning of PAC to conceal its corruption.

The entire attention of the government is to prolong its regime instead of resolving problems of the people.

“The rule of Zardari is not less than any dilemma for the nation. Those who are giving support to the government are equal partners in the game of plundering,” Nisar added.

He said that there are four important institutions -- National Accountability Bureau, Supreme Court, Federal Ombudsman and Public Accounts Committee -- which are responsible for accountability.

He said that the government is reluctant from its accountability. Audit Department has unveiled corruption of government, resulting in change of Auditor General and induction of an acting officer on his slot. He said that PAC issued directives regarding NLC and Interior Ministry, but these were not acted upon.

He said that party leadership instructed him to resign from the post of chairman PAC due to unnecessary interference in its working. “I don’t know whether public would laugh or cry but it is sure that Prime Minister would have to weep due to the free media.”

Responding to a question, he said that the PML (N) has the tally of 92 members and if time would come they will stand first of all. He confirmed the reports that property tycoon Malik Riaz met Nawaz Sharif at Murree. He went there to take a message of President Zardari.
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After enjoying three and half years; bari dair kee meherbaan ataay ataay;
Hay es zood-e-peeshaman ka peeshman hoona.


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nawaz league apni bari k intazar myn thay.ab sab kuch jata hua nazar aa raha ha.ab confusion ha k zardari se "yaqqi" ki to woh 2 guna "yaqqi" karay ga.munafiq aur jhoota hamesha confuse he rahta ha....


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These people in parliament think that they can continue to fool the public of this country but let me tell you there game is over. They are doing "noora kushti", both PMLN and PPP have very cordial relations off record but on record they pretend to be different from each other to fool the public. To get rid of these nasty criminal politicians we have to elect IK and PTI so that they can bring these criminals upto justice.



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Shahbaz, Gilani meet to bridge widening rifts


Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif met PM Gilani and both are said to have cleared their chests out.

In the meeting that took place in Islamabad, both agreed on calling an energy conference to discuss ways and means to overcome energy crisis. The PM ordered the Law Ministry to deal with the 400MW Nindi Pur power project at the earliest.

The PM said the government was taking concrete steps to overcome energy crisis, and results would start showing soon.
Both also agreed on convening a national education conference. Sources said Shahbaz and Gilani cleared their chests out and expressed grievances over several issues. The meeting took place in a cordial atmosphere nonetheless.

The meeting comes at a time when the call for new provinces is being propelled by political pundits in Punjab and elsewhere, reportedly with tacit support of the federal government. It is not immediately clear if the two also took up this issue, and if yes, to what dimensions were discussed.

Another report meanwhile said that both agreed to form a two-member committee for transfer of ministries to the provinces.