1. J

    Cut of 350 Billion Dollar puts Pentagone in trouble

  2. Bilal_Mushi

    Ch. Nisar puts off resignation as PAC chairmanship on PML(N) instructions.

    Nisar puts off resignation as PAC chairman Opposition leader in NA Ch Nisar Ali Khan has postponed his decision to resign as PAC chief. He has taken the decision to not resign as Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairman on instructions from his party, PML...
  3. sherazopel

    جنگل کا قانون - Anwar Maqsood puts Pak situation in perspective

  4. gazoomartian

    India puts Pakistani army officers on most wanted list

    Gazoo's note: Now we have to wait and see if Gilani sends a strong NO message or considers sending our army officers to New Delhi just to please Indians. suggestion: Gilani should reciprocate by asking to hand over: Col Prohit, Bal Thakrey and other terrorists that Pak govt may have in its...