CCTV Camera records Israeli security abducting Palestinian children.


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where is the U.S now?

they r fast at condeming "muslim terriorists" but keep there mouths shut when these "holy" zionist terriorists commit such acts



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Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Caught on Film: Undercover Israeli Agents Kidnap Palestinian Child in Jerusalem
International Middle East Media Center:

Source: IMEMC
by Saed Bannoura

"Wednesday July 27, 2011 05:42
The Al Aqsa Foundation in Jerusalem published a video showing members of the undercover forces of the Israeli military attacking Palestinian children as they played in Ras Al Amoud Palestinian neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, and forcing one of them into their vehicle before driving away. The child was later taken to a graveyard where he was beaten by the soldiers.
The foundation said that the undercover forces kidnapped the child, Islam Jaber, 13, and detained him in Ras Al Amoud illegal settlement, in East Jerusalem, before taking him into a graveyard where they beat him repeatedly while he was cuffed and blindfolded inflicting concussions and bruises to different parts of his body.
The soldiers drove their vehicle against the children as they played football on a minor road in Ras Al Amoud, before jumping out of their car and violently grabbing Jaber.
Jaber said that the undercover forces violently attacked and beat him before trying to force him to sign some papers accusing him of unidentified violations, but he refused their demand and refused to give them any information when they asked him about his friends’ names and other info about them.
The child is currently still suffering constant pain in different parts of his body and is suffering anxiety and constant panic remembering the horror he was subjected to.
His family said that they will be prosecuting the officers in charge, and voiced an appeal to the International Community to intervene and stop the constant and ongoing Israeli violations and attacks against the Palestinians, especially against the children.
The undercover forces are responsible for dozens of similar attacks in occupied East Jerusalem, and are behind the brutal beating of dozens of children in the occupied city.
They are also responsible for thousands of deaths and instances where they shot Palestinian youths at close range causing permanent disabilities.
The Palestinian Ministry of Detainees reported that Israeli soldiers kidnapped in 2010 more than 500 Palestinian children in Jerusalem, and additional 250 in the West Bank. Some of the children were eight years old, and were kidnapped after the army broke into their homes after midnight or at dawn.
92% of the kidnapped children were tortured and beaten, and were humiliated during extreme and extensive interrogation in illegal Israeli settlements and some police stations.