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    " دو ٹکے کی لڑکی " نے مفتی عبدالقوی کو بدل ڈالا ۔۔۔گھر سے بھاگی لڑکیوں کیلئے انوکھی آفر

  2. WNN

    مفتی کفائت اللہ نے جیل سے آنے کے بعد جھولی کیوں پھیلائی؟۔انکشافات سے بھرا انٹرویو ۔۔

  3. S

    Role of PPP in Azadi March || Zardari health condition || Shaista Khosa Exclusive Interview

  4. L

    Mohali: Acid thrown on 2 girls caught on CCTV,Very Sad Incident NDTV Two young women received serious burn injuries when two unidentified men on a bike, threw acid inside the Honda car in which the former were sitting. Acid was thrown inside the car at a fuel station at Dhuan Village here, as the car stopped...
  5. Geek

    CCTV Camera records Israeli security abducting Palestinian children.

  6. QaiserMirza

    Arabic Transmission from Chinese CCTV

    Arabic Transmission from Chinese CCTV

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