Mohali: Acid thrown on 2 girls caught on CCTV,Very Sad Incident


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Two young women received serious burn injuries when two unidentified men on a bike, threw acid inside the Honda car in which the former were sitting.

Acid was thrown inside the car at a fuel station at Dhuan Village here, as the car stopped there for refueling.

The incident was captured on the CCTV camera of the petrol station.

sarbakaf - Blogger
Feel pitty about poor girls
In india women have no rights , what they show in movies is just alot of lies, still indian women can not be as free as women in other part of the world are.

Indians try alot but incidents like these , though rarely reported, reveal the truth about the filthy face of india.

All indians should be given ISLAMIC education about women rights.

They should know that women are not only dancers, actors or sales girls....

Real women of women is as mother , sister, daughter and wife . Indians have lost all of it .


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a big shame on these two men...jungli janwar kahin kay..:angry_smile:


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Ya kuch nojawanon ki he nahi society ki woh zaheri surat hai jis ka hum sab ko samna hai ... jahan chennels, mobiles, internet, tou mojoud hain lakin in sab cheezon pay koe ccheck nahi hai ... jahan co-education except tou ker lee gaye hai ... lakin us ko apne mazi, riwayat, aur culture sai match ker k dakhney ki bhe zahmet nahi keee gaye ... tou itni sab buraiyon main sai khair ki khaber ki umeedd karna bhe kab kamal a khair kaha ja sakta hai... Allah hum pay rahem karay aur hum ko Allah aur us k nabi ka tareeqa pay wapass jatey hue ... apni bahen bettiyon biwiyon ko us pardey main rakhney ki toofeq dey jis ka hukam hai..


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That was 'unicorn' on the back seat of the bike.


i got clear picture of him... with acid in the bottle :P.....