Capital Talk - 24th March 2010 : Role Of Police in Society

khan afghan

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Re: Capital Talk - 24th March 2010

Police are the corrupt people in pakistan.they are involved in
all illegal ctivities.And some time they do dacoities themsleves
on the roads.They inform the criminals to cassy out certain
activities.They are involved in abduction,gambling den,and
most of the brothal are running under their protection.If
we look at the bomb blast in all over the country police
have been regularly targeted because people have no sympathies
for the police force.It is there duty to protec the people instead
the police are involved with criminals.I have no sympathy for the
police in Pakistan.These KHARKAR CMPS AND BEGAR CAMPS
are running under the police protection in one way or the other
and the same is with other department of police force.Due to their
character they are now facing the consequences of being targeted
by the TALIBAN.they deserve this.They have no respect for ordinary


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Re: Capital Talk - 24th March 2010 : Role Of Police in Soci

Reform in Pakistan Police:
All the politician, Generals, Bureaucrats they are their children are living in developed world. They saw the good system but they also have much better police system in Pakistan (which is excellent for them) Now talk about for public.

As in developed countries Police Complaint is separate from Police. Those who take complaints are not policemen, they are local public like you and me. They dispatched the police and police submit their action report to them.
Every years police officers go to school, colleges. They talk with kids and assure them that when they have any problem they are there for them.
While in Pakistan when I was kid everyone scared us from police and when ever a policeman come to street every kids run inside the house. The kids know they are the worst people on earth.
The officer said that all over the world people hate police. I worked all night in one developed country. Public and Myself feel much safe and comfortable in the presence of police. He has no idea of that. Its going too much so buy now.