Capital Talk - 17th June 2010 - Haji Adeel, Bushra Rehman "Kala Bagh Dam" [All Threads Merged]


logon ko educate kernay ke zarorat hai k duniya main kaheen per be dams banana political issue nahe hai pata nahe yeh siasatdan is pay kyun discuion kertay hain yeh to water and development authorities, civil engineers or builders discusion kerain, is ka faisala engineer karain na k yeh idiots.
mujhy tu ye samajh nahi arahy hai k jab 3 provinces ess k mukhaleefat kr rahy hai aur maslaa aur b baaar raha hai tu ess ko dafan q nahi kerty kia ess mulk k bijli ka problem sirf kalabagh sei pora hoga.
already jo IPPS payment k adayegee k wajah sei kam production dei rahy hai unn ko tu chalayaa jayeee
aur ye Dr Qadeer sahub k khedmaat q nahi lei rahy unhoo nei khud offer k hai k wo produce kr sakty hai sestee bijli and he is man of his word unhoo nei jo challenge accept kia hai uss ko pora b kia hai we all know that france poray euorpe ko light daita hai uder tu dams nahi hai they produce it from neuclear tu hum q nahi.
i think ess masly ko abb dafan hona chaheyee waisy b PMLQ waloo ka Hazara wala issue tandha par gaya tu unho nei seraiki sobai k baat k wo b nakam hova tu abb kalabagh yaad agaya this is a way for them to live alive in politics


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Shame on ANP they know that they make it politicise and now they are defending it with great dheethaii


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lol hamid has trouble saying unbaised ... expect nothing of these jokers , just fights and drama ...nun of them even tried to highlight the technical aspects of it


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Atomic Power plants is the way to go… plus invest in other power producing sectors such as window, solar etc…even US is considering building Atomic Reactors to produce electricity.


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These ANP people will agree if india ordered them to agree on kala bagh. This woman Asma and Haji Adeel are same biased from same root . Enmity to punjabi is in their blood and nothing else.


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She has no arguments, these kind of stupid, short temper, anti democrate,who cannot respect other,s opinions, they claim to be leader of this Country.
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i m surprised yar agar 3 provinces mei etna ekhtelaaf hai ess dam sei tu ess baat ko khatam q nahi kia jataaa PMLQ ko punjab mei agar apna vote bank barana hai tu atleast Pakistan k cost per na berayeee. for me Bilour and Sasi did well dead issue per baaat he nahi kerny chaheyeee its better to be silent on a did issue jiss sei mulk tootny k baat ho rahy hoo usss issue ka dafan hona hee behtar hai
well done MAYA if some one other than Punjab speak for their right so they have enmity for punjab but if punjab do things against all other small provinces then its their right hahahahaha
i really feel shame that u ppl are still balck mailed by PMLQ.
y u donnt realize that u want to make a dam on the cost of Pakistan. R u ready for this deal? sadly i feel yes u ppl are ready for it because u dont want to see pakistan unite or u consider Punjab as a Pakistan plzzzzz stop this hater against other provinces

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why Kala-Bagh Dam is so overwhelmingly denied by other three provinces?

Pakistanis are armed with absolutely everything that takes to win both the battle and the war -- all they have to do is just show up, brandish their weapons and look intelligent. Remember, far more wars have been won due to strategy rather than brute force. Need to keep their calculator handy!

State owned organizations are instrumental in providing jobs to over 20,000 PPP stalwarts and workers, each. Profitable institutions are going in deep crunch and financial crises which are being averted temporarily by giving them an artificial life while meeting their financial deficient from the federal grants that have exceeded Rupees, 245 Billion this fiscal year. Inflation has increase to double figure for the 1st time in countrys history and is primarily on account of printing additional currency. State Bank of Pakistan is obeying whims and wishes of the government as Two (2) of its governors Ms. Shamshad Akhtar and Mr. Saleem Raza had resigned on account of their stated Personal or Poor-Health basis in their resignations because the on going loot and plunder was going beyond their wild imaginations. In addition such posts are always filled on the recommendations or compulsive behavior of IMF & World Bank, in Pakistan. Experience, intellect had never remained the basic criteria of Appointment. MERIT is seen no where!

Men who can change the worst to betterment are made OSDs (officer on special duty) and are left to rust. Worst is that Police, NAB FIA Ports & Shipping and Narcotics Control Division is given in the hands of PPP supporters and that affiliated with PPP culture in letter and spirit. Those who comment or raise an eye-bro on such authenticated follies of the regime are marked RED and removed instantly from their postings. All lucrative positions in state owned Organizations are with Jialas and a critical example of it can be seen from their inductions in WAPDA; WASA; SGPL, Steel-Mills; Pakistan Railways & FIA. In WAPDA and its affiliated distribution system like PEPCCO; LESCO; FESCO; etc are being sold on higher bidding under the command and control of the Federal Minister for water & Power Raja Pervaiz Ashraf. Gimmicks like RPP (Rental Power Plants); IPPs (Independent Power producers) are all part & parcel of this futile effort. Why earlier government didnt had this aggregated Power Shortages and huge gaps between demand and production? Thar Coal Reserves in SIND, SANDIK Project in Baluchistan are never explored as these reserves are kept intact till the ground reality is as its shown in year 2015 Map being widely circulated. Sind and Punjab are integrated together whereas, Pakhtoonkhwa is disintegrated and Baluchistan gains an independent stature. This also explains why Kala-Bagh Dam is so overwhelmingly denied by other three provinces?

Friday (June 11 2010) issue of the daily Express on its page 8 says, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan ney Ek Bar- Phir kaha: hay keh Sasti Bijli Itne Wafir Miqdar Mein Paida Kar Sakta Hoon Jo Na Sirf Mulki Zroriyat K-Liay Kafi Hogi BalkyHum Hamsaya Mumalik Ko Bech Bhi Sakenge. Heran Hain Key Huqumran Qoum KO Loadshedding KA AZaB Jhailny par Q Mjboor Ker Rahey Hein?

Why not CJ Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry takes Sue Motto notice on this published news in an acclaimed daily? This note is being circulated among masses as SMS even today!
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Rabitta Committee MQM demand immediate steps to get rid from load shading



Ye koi technical issue nahin. Just a matter of Ego, Exploitation and most important faithfullness with India (for money). Its proved in intelligence reports of our country that these politicians opposed Kala Bagh Dam against Rs. 6 billion from RAW. Shams Ul Malk the resident of Nawshera & Ex chairman of WAPDA, also an engineeer, he says there will be nothing gone wrong if Kala Bagh Dam is built.
Kia baat hai Haaji Sb. ki...48000 Mega Waat bijli....without any dam....Is there any one believing???


Kala Bagh Dam: An issue or Non-Issue?

Hi dear, what you think,
  • Kala Bagh Dam is really an issue of Pakistan?
  • Can this issue not be resolved between all the political parties?
  • Is this a political or technical issue?
  • Is there any report that has summed up that Kala Bagh Dam is not feasible to built?
  • Is this right the people who are opposing this issue are foreign funded?


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If Kalabagh Dam is essential, then it should be discussed openly. There is no harm in it. Mere discussion is not a threat to national unity. Such provincialists are fostering their cults by deepening the ethnolinguistic fissures. This is very unfortunate that many of these opportunists are feudal lords and big guns of smaller provinces. However government should refrain from building such dams without consensus. One thing that i have noticed over the time is "Punjabphobia" in smaller provinces. This probably arose due to huge population of Punjab and its (out of proportion) exploitation of resources. This can be annulled by making smaller provinces (within present day Punjab). This is easier to accomplish as I haven't noticed Punjabi nationalism yet. Govt must adopt certain measures to break the "status quo". The British made provincial boundaries are not sacrosanct to us. The authorities must leave no stone unturned in efforts to minimize the differences between federating units.
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