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  • Aray Furry yaar kahan gyaeb ho gaye ho yaar? Haven't seen you for a while on this forum in terms of posting, whining and @ss kicking lol and similar sort of stuff? Sabh theek hai na ya Australia ko Ashes mai rescue karnay kay liye trials denay tu nahi chalay gaye? (bigsmile)
    salam brother, how r u? i was expecting a line from u on my post ''voices from kashmir'' what u have 2 say about that???

    Nhain bhai, just busy, research plus application as will be applying for residency in September. And, Ramadhan as well. I normally do not listen to political stuff during the Ramadhan, news paper serve the purpose and this time, woh beee nhein perh rhaa.

    Hope everything fine with you. Jeld he mulakaat ho jaey gee. Take care.
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