BJP government using cow urine in medicines in Kashmir govt hospitals


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Geelani says PDP-BJP government using cow urine in medicines in government hospitals

Srinagar: Hurriyat hawk Syed Ali Shah Geelani has accused the Jammu and Kashmir regime of distributing medicines made from cow urine in government hospitals in the Valley, the allegation coming amid simmering tension over the beef ban in the state.
A statement issued by the Geelani-led Hurriyat claimed the People's Democratic Party-BJP government had hatched a conspiracy to hurt the sentiments of a section of the people by making them eat a "forbidden substance" in the guise of medicine.

The statement claimed cow urine was an ingredient in the ayurvedic medicine, Sanjeevani Vati, and it was being distributed free in government dispensaries.
Geelani's spokesperson claimed the medicine was distributed on the directions of health minister Chowdhary Lal Singh, who is from the BJP.
Singh said there was no truth in Geelani's allegations. But he averred that both cow urine and dung had medicinal value. "In our areas, cow urine was given to (pregnant) women to treat ailments of the babies (in their wombs).... (Similarly) cow dung was used on walls of houses to keep people away from diseases," Singh told The Telegraph.

The spokesperson of the hardline Hurriyat has demanded a complete ban on the purported supply of the medicine.
"It is not any life-saving drug or any essential medicine which could affect health care in the Valley.... The communal forces had once in 1983 made the same attempt but that triggered widespread protests which forced the government to stop the supply," he said.
The Hurriyat claimed its leaders had a detailed meeting with prominent doctors and specialists in the Valley who "agree that it is not any necessary medicine and its supply is just a mischievous act of the communal elements...".
"The PDP-BJP coalition government had started a process of playing with religious sentiments.... It is an intolerable situation which will trigger a very strong reaction and it can create a very dangerous situation in the state," he claimed.

The allegation has come weeks after the high court directed the ruling regime to enforce a decades-old law that criminalised the consumption of beef, triggering an uproar in the Valley.
The government had to impose a three-day Internet blockade during the Id-ul Zuha festival to prevent people from posting pictures of cattle sacrifice on social media, which could have triggered a backlash.
The court directive has led to calls for scrapping the law. The National Conference and some groups have moved bills seeking to decriminalise cattle slaughter and beef consumption in the state.
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