Benazir the Corruption Queen - Princess and the Playboy, BBC Documentary - 1996

Raja Farooq

Senator (1k+ posts)
Bhutto family k anjaam by aap logon ny dekh lyya hy baqi joo reh gy hyn wo by ibrat k misal bnny gyy InshaAllah

Citizen X

President (40k+ posts)
Wow what a trip down memory lane. Hard to believe it took 22 years to reach this stage where finally these people are just now being being brought to justice.


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Tiger sahib, thank you for sharing this documentary, saw it after such a long time. Zardari looked a crook then, and also does so now. Power and greed spoils them all whether Zardari or Sharif. After recent events, let's hope that the country is taking strides in the right direction.
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