Another rare picture - Ayub Khan


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Field Marshal Ayub Khan with Air Marshal Asghar Khan 1963..
Malik Ameer Muhammad Khan Nawab of Kalaa Bagh is also in the pic in Sherwani

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March 1948...Quaid Azam with his sister recieved at cantonment Dhaka,East Pakistan by the obedient GOC...Ayub Khan...


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Wasie Ayub Khan ki personality Achi hai lag raha hai Fauji hai.... Mushraff toh Mirasi Lagta tha......
What do you mean by "Lagta tha".........................Janab khandani mirasi tha...............bus berra garaq ho Sheikh Rasheed ka who told him sir "aap Syed hain" and he started believing that.


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the coward clan ,paid by people to serve nation and they come and tople elected people and stay till they die or badly insulted or killed , i hate all of them.

saeed khan

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WE were supposed to be the next South Korea: according to internation analyst. Unfortunately, hum ko Bhutto lar gya aur Pakistan ko Tabah kar diya

I 100% agree with you.
Because bhutto was a feudal landlord so he did not want much development in the country. But who tell these foolish JYALAS.
When our country was developing these jyalas supported nationalisation by Bhutto, then many businesses closed down and many businessmen moved to other countries. Now these jyalas cry that they do not have jobs.