An Afgan Snipper on the lose named as "Nad-e Ali sniper" Brits body count going up.


Mr Nad-e Ali, shot two British solders with one bullet. Read on!!!

Source UK The Sun.

A CRACK Royal Marine sniper is gunning for a Taliban marksman who murdered two British Paras in Afghanistan with one shot.

The sniper, who cannot be named, is known as The Doctor for his clinical shooting skills. The 39-year-old is one of Britain's best ever snipers, and was awarded medals for his shooting in Iraq.

One of a team of six Commandos hunting the Taliban sharp-shooter, he lies silent and still for eight hours a day in the Afghan heat waiting for his target. He told The Sun yesterday: "This man is our high-value target. He knows what he's doing."

The Doctor credits the Paras for tracking the insurgent. Now he and his team hope for a tip-off as to his exact whereabouts so they can try to take him out with a long-distance shot.

British troops have tried FIVE times to kill the murderer. Known only as the Nad-e Ali sniper, the 55-year-old has been described in intelligence reports as "the most well-trained and patient assassin we have come up against in Afghanistan".

He devastated 3 Para when he killed two young Paras in February. He has also hit other Paras and Royal Engineers serving in the Nad-e Ali region of Helmand Province.

The ex-Mujahideen sniper, who walks with a limp and uses an old British Enfield rifle, lives outside the region and stalks it on his motorbike.

The Doctor said: "We'll do everything we can to find him. But the Paras did a great job in tracking him. If we get him, the credit will be all theirs."


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inshaAllah this Doctor of Britain will be shot by Nad-e Ali soon and instead they get him , he will get them and finish off all .