1. Night-Hawk

    Pakistani government walks a middle line

    Lawrence Davidson, a professor of Middle East history at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, says that Clinton was too optimistic when she said that US-Pakistani relations have reached a turning point. [The US] wants the border security [with Afghanistan], except that the Pakistani...
  2. gazoomartian

    Obama Walks in His Predecessor's Shoes - Terror Continues

    Gazoo Note: All that talk by Obama about 'way forward' was to deceive Muslim nations. he is doing what his predecessors did: Terrorize the Muslim world. Who ever had believed Obam on his speech is a naive person. For as long Jews are in control, Poor Americans will continue to suffer. In the...
  3. R

    Sterile opposition;Zardari sey zyada,Zardari key wafadaar, walks out instead of making their voice h

    The biggest sellout of the country, janaab Asif Zardari a.k.a Bharwa [who long before Ray DAvis, who developed this beghairat tradition with respects to his wife] got a cakewalk in the namard parliament, with his supporters and abettors PML-N and Kiyani looking on. Sincere beghairat opposition...

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