1. M

    Pakistan's Economy is More Informal and Our Govt Celebrates Success Stories and Records

    Has anybody seen this year's economic survey from Finance Ministry where it shared proudly that Pakistan has more informal economy than formal and still we celebrate Pakistan is making world records by gaining more loans and consider these investments like in Business? See Table 12.9 on...
  2. Matie Khan

    Post-Graduates Queue Up for Sweepers Jobs in Uttar Pradesh. Digital India

    Digital India claimed once by Indian PM, Modi. This is what we actually see on ground. Media houses makes us blind what actually India is. This is the recent report on NDTV. Six lac applicants applied for a "Sweeper" job. A complete report can be viewed at...
  3. Tilloo

    Unemployment - Associate Engineer selling Pakoras in Rawalpindi - Shame for PPP and other Political

  4. L

    Benazir Unemployment Support Program

    While watching tv last night i came to know by ppp federal minister Farzana Raja that soon Government of Pakistan will initiate Benazir Unemployment Support Program (BUSP). You can claim BUSP if you are: 1. Unemployed 2. Aged 18 or over 3. Pakistani Citizen Eligible citizens will be paid...